Saturday, October 27, 2012

Curious to know what the entries are being scored on?

Judges will be looking at the following:

*Character development - do the characters fall flat or do they have personality and dimension to them?
*Quality of the lemon - does it get us hot or is it boring.
*Quality of the public lovin' scene -Did the couple go into the lemon  naturally or was it awkward and forced?
* Uniqueness of title - is the title cute and inventive or is it so-so.
*Overall quality of the story - was it boring or was it an enjoyable read.

Each entry is scored by 3 unbiased judges and the average of the 3 scores will be calculated to come up with an entry's overall score.
Top 3 entires will be announced as the winners.
The public will have a chance to vote on the entry with the most scandalous location 11/26 - 12/7


Side note: authors can enter 2 stories to be considered. Collaborations are accepted. See rules for more details on that. 

Hope to see more entries soon! --Anna (gossiplips)

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