Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everyone's Main Question: What Do I Write About?


Public Lovin’s what we want,

Regular place or a brand new haunt. 

Him and her or he’s and she’s. 

We want some Public Lovin’ please!

They can do it in a train, 

They can do it on a plane. 

They can do it in a bar, 

They can do in on a car. 

They can do it with some toys, 

They can whimper or make some noise.

In a mall or at the park, In the day or after dark.

Married, cheating, swinging, dating, 

One night stands, just have them mating. 

Standing, bending, on their knees, 

A slutty player or a nerdy tease.

We like it good, or bad, or hot, 

We’ll take it any way you’ve got. 

We want something smokin’ to read, 

The public sexin’ is what we need!

poem by Beegurl13

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