Thursday, September 20, 2012

Need a Beta?

We want your smutty, out in the open lovin', but we want it clean. That is, your entry needs to be all dusted and cleaned by a beta before submission. Not sure where to find a beta, no problem. Check out Sparkly Red Pen! 

The lovely ladies at Sparkly Red Pen are kind of your one stop shopping for authors. Let me break it down for you.

Creative Beta Services: These wise chicks find plot holes and help you fill them. They correct  robot speak issues, and help you to develop your story so that it flows more naturally and consistently.  

Technical Beta Services: This is the D&C part of your team. They clean up your comma splices, structure your sentences and help you tackle the ever pesky semi-colons. Kind of like Windex, they get rid of all the smudges. 

Contest Content Checks: (say that a few times fast): This is what you guys will need. When you fill out the form (which I will provide a link to) and indicate that you are entering a contest, they'll pair you with someone that has the knowledge to handle your needs and meet the often tight time constraints that come with participating in a contest. 

Check out SRP, they won't bite and no worries they can handle your kink.

All right, now go get your write on. 

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